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It’s simple, easy, and it works. Many of our customers are reporting losing 10 to 20 lbs.
in their first couple of months ... and they are keeping it off too! Now it’s your turn!

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“My name is Sabrina, I am 48 years old. I felt horrible at 334 pounds and I wasn't in good shape. When Joe Mays told me his Health Program was a healthy way to lose weight, I was open to listen. I was tired of trying diets and regaining more than I lost, and always feeling you are starting over. With the NuChallenge my weight steadily came off and I began to have more energy. I have been on the NuChallenge Gold Pack for 6 to 7 months and I have lost 168 pounds. Thank you Nussentials, I have NEVER FELT THIS GOOD in all my life." - Sabrina B., California

"I lost 50 lbs with the Gold Pack. With other Nussentials supplements I been able to relieve my back pain, as well as, have been asymptomatic for 6 years from my dreaded Crohn's disease. Thank you Nussentials!" - Jackie V., Maryland

"On March 18, 2013, I weighed 464 pounds. I finally decided enough was enough. With my 40th birthday approaching, I was tired of being miserable my entire life. So I started the NuChallenge. In June, I recorded a video, and I had already lost 60 pounds. Three months later, I have lost more -- bringing my total weight loss to 103 pounds in just over 6 months. I feel better, sleep better, and move better than I have in years. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings!” - Derrick M., Colorado

"I recorded a second video in October 2013, to celebrate my having lost 100 pounds. As of December 2, 2013, I have lost a total of 112 pounds and still going! I just turned 40, and I am in better shape than before I turned 30.” - Derrick M., Colorado

"About 3.5 years ago I was working full time at a pharmaceutical company, and I also owned a salon/spa in a town 45 minutes away and I managed that salon about 40 hours a week as well. So I was eating fast food in the car for every meal, I was drinking energy drinks and coffee every day just to keep going, and I never had time to work out. I was in the worst shape of my life, and over a three year period I gained about 35 pounds. I realized that I needed to stop putting myself last and make my health a priority. It was right about this time that I learned about Nussentials and I got started on the products, eating right, and exercising. Fast forward to today – I have lost 32 pounds, I’ve lose 4 sizes, I feel great, I’m running half marathons, I’m a CrossFit trainer – and I also quit my full-time job and sold my salon! I am now a full-time health and fitness coach and I owe it all to Nussentials!” - Angelina C., North Carolina

"I lost 24 lbs in 12 weeks, as a result my Doctor took me off my Insulin injections for diabetes and was able to lower my Blood Pressure medicine. Now I want to lose another 15 lbs!” - Doug L., North Carolina

"...I lost 46 lbs. in 10 weeks and looking to lose 40 more! Thank you Nussentials for this wonderful weight loss program!” - Alan E., North Carolina

"Hi, my name is Mariela and I am a single mother of twin boys, full time hair stylist and I′m an SMR with Nussentials. Having recently separated, moved into my own place and switched jobs, all while still being a mom, I let my self fall to the wayside. I had to get back to being ME! I started the NuChallenge in November. I drank my shakes, ate my bars and also made some energy bites with More to keep from getting bored. (My kids love the energy bites too!) Not only am I excited to have lost 16 lbs, but I feel so much better too! I can′t wait to reach my goal before the Nussentials Family Reunion! Thank you NuChallenge for the support!” - Mariela J., North Carolina

“I lost 56 lbs. in 6 months!" - Sterling P., Maryland

“I dropped 22 pounds and two pants size in 5 months! As a 60+ year old, with a creaky knee and hip, I thought I could stand to peel off a few unwanted pounds, and to give my joints a break. It was an easy, simple program of daily breakfast shakes and a Less Meal Replacement Bar 3-4 days per week for lunch. The NuChallenge program works and it has really helped me both feel and look better. People notice the difference." - Rick Z., Florida

“I lost 35 lbs.! Thank you Nussentials!" - William K., District of Columbia

"I have lost over 23 lbs. in 4 months since starting on the NuChallenge with the Gold Pack, and thankfully my MD has also taken me off my cholesterol medicine as a result as well ...fantastic!” - Bill B., California

"...Within three months of taking the LESS, ALERT, MORE, and RUN, my weight was dropping, my energy levels were improving and my pain levels and swelling were coming under control. Between the 4 to 6 month time frame I had lost 45 lbs, was taken off my prescriptions for acid reflux and a heart medication, saving me about $240/month in copays. This is an incredible weight loss package. My before and after photos do paint a thousand words. Thank you Nussentials for incredible products!” - Teri R., North Carolina

"For over 15 years of my adult life, I was described as ‘morbidly obese,’ approaching 360 lbs at 5’4” tall. Taking the shake began to help me physically and mentally feel better! My ‘LESS’ lifestyle has taken me off all prescription drugs, along with 112 lbs. My diabetes is totally controlled with no medications; no more hypertension, acid reflux, sleep apnea, arthritis… my doctor actually called my cholesterol levels ‘perfect.’ I still have several pounds to go before reaching my ideal weight; however, with the awesome support system we have in Nussentials, I am enjoying the journey!” - Eldner D., North Carolina

“I have tried many diet / weight loss programs and they were too restrictive to maintain. With Nussentials I have lost 12 lbs. in my first month, and am keeping it off. No cravings, no hunger, no feelings of being deprived. Now I am confident I can lose another 30 lbs. ... finally I have a program I can stay with that works and fits my busy lifestyle.” - Susan M., Florida

“For the first time I have found a program that not only promotes weight loss, but a lifestyle change as well! In two months I have lost 12 lbs. and a whole dress size! I drink more water, exercise more, and make healthier choices! Healthy never felt so good!” - Shelli G., California

"I have always had a pretty good diet, however the big difference for me as I age is taking supplements. Nussentials products give me the missing nutrition my body needs so I can stay in optimal health. At 59, every edge I can get makes sense to me. Not only do I want to live longer, but also prevent the onset of any "age related" disease ... and I accomplish that with healthy eating, moderate exercise, and Nussentials supplements." - Kevin P., Nevada

"As a nursing mother with a 6 month old baby, I'm conscious of losing my "baby weight" safely & not compromising proper nutrition for my son. So far I've lost 12 lbs on the Gold pack. I have extra energy for those late night feedings but mostly I know that I am being the best mommy I can be because I am healthy. I LOVE it." - Samantha J., Louisiana

"I am 57 years old and I started the NuChallenge two months ago at 167 size 34 waist. I am now 155 and moving from size 33 to 32. This is what I weighed as an 18 year old high school lacrosse player. In addition to the satisfaction of knowing I am doing everything I can do to maintain great health and longevity, I feel incredibly energetic. As a busy Child Psychologist I spend a good deal of my work day on the floor with patients and feeling young, energetic, sharp and focused makes the hours fly by." - Dr. Joe, Florida

Challenge yourself with NuChallenge for 90 days and see how fast you can drop 2 dress or 2 pant sizes ... or more!

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