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Nussentials' management team and consultants have the right combination of operational, financial, marketing, sales, public relations, and R&D skills to accomplish the company's mission.

Phil Mims

President & Director

Kara Kirker


David Crouch

EVP of Business Development

Jonathan Mackintosh

EVP of Operations and Marketing

Phil Mims | President & Director

Phil Mims began by raising himself up from a humble upbringing in Indiana. Mr. Mims spent 17 years in the wholesale jewelry industry, building from scratch a profitable business in the very competitive diamond world. Along the way, he was fortunate enough to find network marketing and immediately recognized it as the perfect vehicle to take his family into the future, without limits. Now, with more than 20 years of experience, his resume includes growing massive downlines in everything from water filters to telecommunications. After an extended stay at one company where Mr. Mims built a downline of several hundred thousand representatives, he spent the next several years helping to build a company that now does nearly a hundred million dollars a year in business. The active rep base at this company is almost completely populated with the downlines of the reps which Mr. Mims introduced to the company. He then spent some time owning and building a popular Hotel/Bed and Breakfast resort business in Ouray, Colorado called the Black Bear Manor. But it was past the time when just making money was enough. After serving and leading so many, Mr. Mims set his sights on giving back to the world for all that he's received, and the new Nussentials was born. Phil aims to feed a million starving children a year through the company's sales, while helping thousands of families build a very nice income along the way.

Here at Nussentials, we are fortunate to be led by a man of experience, vision, integrity, and heart. Phil says "FOCUS is what makes one successful", and focused he is on our Nussential's mission... "MAKING A DIFFERENCE".

Kara Kirker | Secretary/Treasurer

Mrs. Kirker has served in various capacities for Nussentials since 2004 and as the Secretary/Treasurer of Nussentials since January, 2007. She has served as the Treasurer of ITIS Holdings, Inc. since October, 1999. She also served as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of National Law Library, Inc. from October 1999 to 2002. From January 1994 through November 1998, Ms. Kirker served as the CFO, controller and treasurer of Litidex, Inc. From 1981 to 1994, Ms. Kirker served as assistant treasurer of Stone & Webster Oil Company, Inc. in the revenue accounting area.

David Crouch | EVP of Business Development

Everywhere he goes, David blazes a trail. He has been leading sales teams up to and beyond their goals for more than 30 years. David’s track record of fostering major growth in a variety of fields including Finance, Energy, and the Environmental sector has made him a highly sought-after consultant and specialist in sales, motivation, training, and system building. David is also widely known as a trusted advisor and growth mentor.

David brings an incredible array of talent, experience, and integrity that aligns perfectly with our mission and values. As Chief Sales Officer, David will be responsible for helping the Nussentials family continue to expand domestically and internationally, with a focus on finding, training, and developing leaders.

Jonathan Mackintosh | EVP of Operations and Marketing

Jonathan’s career launched alongside the rise of Social Media and Digital Marketing. He brings an extensive background in aggressively expanding a company’s digital footprint and growing brands beyond traditional business marketing’s restrictions. His market experience includes: Defense, Energy, Public Safety, Print Media, and Consumer Goods.

His background in product launch strategy, technology development, graphic design, and technology-driven operations, provides Jonathan with the perfect skillset to prepare Nussentials for massive expansion.

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