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It is heart-wrenching to know the level of poverty some children are forced to live in, right here in the United States, where not having an Apple iPad in a household can be a crisis.

Today, there are American kids going to bed hungry, lacking a proper coat for winter, and some not going to school every day, because they don’t have shoes to wear.

As part of our mission and values, Nussentials Corp. gives as we grow. Nussentials donates 5% of every product sale to provide food, shelter, clothing, school and medical supplies, to children living in poverty throughout the U.S. That’s 5% of the gross revenue sales, given before operational costs and profits.

Children Incorporated and the Make-A-Wish Foundation® were chosen to receive our donations and help us carry out our mission.

About Children Incorporated

Children Incorporated is a non-profit organization providing resources for children in need in the U.S. and abroad. They believe, as does Nussentials, that all children deserve education, hope, and opportunity.

A Note from Children Incorporated:

"I am extremely proud of the relationship that Children Incorporated and Nussentials share, for our companies are linked together through a common desire to improve the lives of children. Nussentials contributes 5% of their sales revenue to charitable organizations, which is actually an unheard of amount, and CI has continuously benefitted from their incredible generosity and caring. As a result, many children right here in the United States – the area of concentration to which Nussentials directs its funds – are receiving clothing, school supplies, and significantly, food. Children Incorporated and Nussentials together is a powerful team, and I look very forward to all that we can and will accomplish together." - Ronald H. Carter, President and CEO of Children Incorporated

About Make-A-Wish Foundation

There is nothing like making a sick kid's wish come true. During the wish experience, joy eclipses illness. The Make-A-Wish Foundation enriches the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions through its wish-granting work. The Foundation's mission reflects the life-changing impact that a Make-A-Wish experience has on children and their families. Nussentials is proud to be one of the many Make-A-Wish sponsors.

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